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Smart home technology – thing of a… no way

Just reading some articles on smart home technology made me wonder – is the saying ‘Smart home is a thing of a future’ true? Just read a quote from BBC:

‘According to research by US digital home consultants, The Diffusion Group (TDG), more than half of US households are interested in some sort of home control system, if the price tag is less than $200.

TDG also found that global home networking is set to grow from 35 million households in 2004 to more than 162 million by 2010.’

And then a killer:

Will Levy, founder of Touch of a Button, imagines one day soon being able to pick up the phone directory and easily find the equivalent of a registered “digital plumber”.

For a reasonable fee, they could come and install your fresh bit of kit, advise on security, and be on hand at the end of an e-mail or phone for aftercare services.

Mr Levy’s vision of “digital plumbing” is squarely aimed at ordinary people who want their homes smart and more connected.

“There is a huge amount of integration needed between different products,” he told the BBC News website. “There are hundreds of companies which are home automation installers.

“The problem for me is that the starting price for that is a minimum of £27,000.” (emphasis is mine).

Well, for a price like that I can buy a new car. Or several used ones and open a taxi service. Damn, a distance between $200 and £27,000 is not big – it it impossible to overcome!

Well, thinking of that, us at Speereo played around with some numbers and came up with a price of $100 per room of a voice recognition module that can be tuned to interact with any home appliance you can set it with. Mmm… the difference feels nice, huh?

The system will be built on Speereo SPeech Browser framework with some additional enhancements, ofcourse.

Well, we are thinking of making a prototype and offering it in the market to test the water, so to say. Feel free to pitch in.

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