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Everybody loves a good fight

SVO_diamondWhat is more time consuming, than time consumed trying to save time? All the operations with personal information managers (PIM), say Outlook or your mobile one, are complicated, require thoroughness and time. Don’t you say – ah, forget it! – and rely on your memory and end up forgetting, and once again, you are in front of your PIM inputting all the data into all those lines, marking checkboxes, etc., etc.

Don’t you wish that sometimes you could simply just say what you need and make your PIM remember?

That is why we developed Speereo Voice Organizer (SVO): SVO a.k.a. Sapie is a program with seeds of an Artificial Intelligence in a shape of an organizer. Program is based on a unique mathematical speech recognition algorithm with a user-friendly speech operated interface. You can just generate your thoughts and save them in a stream-of-consciousness sort of way.

And did we succeed!

To prove my point, see a table below:


Microsoft Outlook

Pocket Informant

Speereo Voice Organizer

1. Reminder – Shopping list (short)

21 sec

36 sec

25 sec

2. Reminder – Detailed shopping list

54 sec

2 min 02 sec

1 min 04 sec

3. Task – Meeting (short)

1 min 05 sec

2 min 16 sec

1 min 22 sec

4. Task – Cooking (full)

4 min 35 sec

7 min 24 sec

4 min 13 sec

5. Contact (short)

1 min 31 sec

2 min 49 sec

2 min 02 sec

6. Contact (full)

*EST 2 min 40 sec

*EST 5 min 20 sec

3 min 38 sec

7. Reply e-mail

43 sec

No mail agent

43 sec

Don’t think so/do not agree? Prove us wrong – do the same and send us your results.

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