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Speereo at Mobile World Congress 2009 on display

Just like every other year we went to Mobile World Congress to see what is going on and to show ourselves.

Only this particular year everything went wrong different – better. Crisis touched everyone: less people, more VIPs. Everyone was fighting to show something that will show the rest that “crisis is not a stagnation point but a chance to make a breakthrough”.

Well, that is where we fit in perfectly – we own unique speech recognition technology, we market products based on it and we know exactly what people want.

So, this year, we drew so much interest to our technology, that will have much to do in coming months.

For example, we have ported Speereo Voice Translator into Moblin – onto Compal MID based on Intel Atom.

Speereo Voice Translator on Compal MID

Speereo Voice Translator on Compal MID

Devices like Compal soon will flood into the market and have good chances to be a good competitors to notebooks and PCs. Mobility of such device is a plus – carry it around in your pocket or insert into a car cradle and use as a GPS or Internet device!

Only thing about them – no other way to interact but via keyboard or stylus. But it is virtually impossible for drivers and in many countries even illegal once you start moving.

And that is where Speereo Speech Recognition comes handy: interaction with mobile device by voice finally made possible.

We decided to start with Speere Voice Translator and ported it into Moblin in matter of weeks.

Device was on display at Intel booth through the show and proved, that our technology is “a must” for any device enhanced with GPS, mapping services or used in vehicles.

In close future we’ll cover such areas as GPS devices, travel mobile phones, medical equipment and many others.

Further on, we’ll tell you more of our plans and thoughts.

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